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Zhang Yiping
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Updated: 2013-06-21


Zhang Yiping
Director of the Minor Enterprise Service Center of the BMDRC

Professor Zhang Yiping is the director and senior economist of the minor enterprise service center of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission. He is also a visiting professor for the institute of finance of Capital Economy and Trade University and Peking University; adjudicator of the business plan of Tsinghua University; vice-president of the Beijing Science, Technology and Finance Promotion Association; and guest commentator on the CCTV channel of finance and economics.

He has published Answers for Common Problems in Enterprise Management, Reference Materials about Enterprise Credit and Financing and three other books and 18 articles, such as The Promoting Financing Environment for Minor Enterprises. He has also been interviewed by CCTV and Sina many times for his professional opinions on minor enterprise services.