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360buy Jingdong Mall        2011-12-30

The 360buy Jingdong Mall is China's largest 3C online shopping professional platform in the business to consumer (B2C) market.

Sina        2011-12-30

Sina is an online media company for China and Chinese communities around the world.

Baidu        2011-12-30

Baidu Inc is a Chinese web services company headquartered in the Baidu Campus in Beijing's Haidian district.

E-commerce China Dangdang Inc        2011-12-28

E-commerce China Dangdang Inc is a Chinese electronic commerce company. It was founded by Peggy Yu and Li Guoqing in 1999 and is headquartered in Beijing.

AsiaInfo-Linkage Inc        2011-12-28

AsiaInfo-Linkage Inc is a leading provider of high-quality software solutions and IT services in China's telecommunications industry.

Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co Ltd        2011-12-28

The Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co Ltd was reformed in 2000 from Beijing's 3rd Pharmaceutical Factory.