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Origin Agritech        2013-12-04

Origin Agritech Limited is an agricultural biotechnology company.

Kongzhong        2013-12-04

Kongzhong is a leading wireless Internet company and an online game producer in China.

eLong Inc        2013-12-04

eLong Inc (NASDAQ: LONG - News) is a leading online travel service provider in China. Headquartered in Beijing.

ATA        2013-12-04

ATA is the only public company listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ:ATAI) with its core services being testing and assessment.

AirMedia        2013-12-04

AirMedia is China's leading outdoor advertising operator with the largest market share.

Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co Ltd        2013-12-04

Set up in 1993, Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co Ltd is headquartered in Zhongguancun Science Park.