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Canada and China accelerate cooperative program        2017-11-23

The 2017 Renmin University of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and Hanhai Road Show for Canada-China Acceleration Program were held on Nov 7.

Web alliance to fight wildlife market        2017-11-23

Internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent joined forces this week to combat online trading in wildlife parts, an illicit practice that continues on e-commerce and social media platforms.

AI carves out new routes for urban transportation        2017-11-23

SHENZHEN - Yawning, eyelids sagging, nodding off - in the future, these signs of exhaustion will be captured and a warning to stop driving will sound. The on-board artificial intelligence system collects information of facial expressions, computes, and tells the driver to pull over.

Top 5 smartphone companies worldwide in Q3        2017-11-23

Among the top five vendors, Apple posed the slowest growth of 2.6 percent year-on-year while Xiaomi recorded the fastest growth of 102.6 percent. Let us take a look at the top five smartphone companies with the largest shipments.

Mobike pedals to 200 global cities        2017-11-22

Mobike announced Wednesday its operations in Berlin, Germany, meeting the company's ambitious goal of expanding to 200 cities globally by the end of this year.

Zhongguancun shows ambition toward advancing innovation in the US        2017-11-22

The first ZGC-Silicon Valley GIFTS was launched at the Silicon Valley, the US on Nov 16.

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