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Inspur Cloud releases strategy to boost sales        2017-09-06

Inspur Cloud announced its new sales strategy in Beijing on Aug 28.

Ofo to hit the streets of Nanyang        2017-09-06

The Nanyang Transportation Bureau signed a strategic agreement with bike-share company Ofo on Aug 31, to cooperation in the fields of urban traffic, big data sharing and smart city construction.

Microsoft Accelerator upgrades services        2017-09-05

Microsoft Accelerator Beijing announced its plans to upgrade its services and brand for alumni companies at its 10th "Demo Day" on Sept 5.

Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi's rapid global expansion        2017-09-05

Chinese ride-hailing juggernaut Didi Chuxing has invested in the world's top seven ride-hailing platforms in the past two years, according to a report by ifeng.com.

Central China city halts new shared bikes on streets        2017-09-05

Central China's Wuhan has banned any more shared bikes from being stationed in the city from Monday.

Bike-share giants head to Bangkok        2017-09-05

China's leading bike-sharing companies have launched operations in Thailand in recent months, according to reports from Xinhua News Agency.

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