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Baidu expands AI research in US        2017-10-12

Chinese internet search engine giant Baidu Inc opened its second United States R&D facility in Sunnyvale, California on Oct 2.

Baidu opens office in Seattle; focus on AI, cloud, recruiting        2017-10-11

Baidu opened a new office in the Seattle area on Monday, giving the Beijing-based internet search giant an additional outpost in the US to expand its reach in artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud.

China set to gain lead in flat-panel production        2017-10-11

China is expected to replace South Korea as the world's largest flat-panel display producer in 2019, an industry report said.

Bike sharing becomes new way of transport, exercise in Phuket        2017-10-11

PHUKET, Thailand - Since Chinese bike sharing company Ofo launched its service in the Thai resort island of Phuket, smart bikes have become a new alternative mode of transport and exercise for locals and tourists.

The rise of new technology giants from China        2017-10-10

Alibaba and its peers Baidu, Tencent and Xiaomi (popularly termed ‘BATX’ in China), not only lead but also create and disrupt markets. With a combined market capitalization of about $900 billion, incubating over 1,000 new ventures within a decade and an average annual growth of over 50 percent, they are showing their unprecedented growth and relentless ambition to the world.

Bike-sharing becomes greener way to travel in 'Golden Week'        2017-10-10

Bike-sharing has become a major form of transport in China over the eight-day National Day holiday, with riders in first-tier cities most active.