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Commercial use of NB-IoT to be boosted in China        2017-05-17

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced its decision to speed up the commercial use of NarrowBand internet of things (NB-IoT) in China on Monday.

SENSORO promotes IoT along Belt and Road        2017-05-17

Beijing's Zhongguancun Science Park is promoting technology and innovation along the Belt and Road in tune with the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing from May 14 to 15.

New Mobike partnership to improve riders experience        2017-05-16

Bike share scheme Mobike is teaming up with tech companies Ericsson and China Mobile, to build a global Internet of Things platform.

China-made lenses restore sight in overseas markets        2017-05-14

Zhongguancun is supporting the improvement of people's lives and health in countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative with its front-line technologies.

China's 'Silicon Valley' applies tech prowess to Belt and Road        2017-05-14

Not satisfied with the title of China's "Silicon Valley", Beijing's Zhongguancun Science Park is now taking proactive action to back up the Belt and Road Initiative in the areas of security, energy and communication.

Shengjing provides capital and training to boost SMEs' expansion        2017-05-14

One of the leading innovation and startup service platforms in China, Shengjing Group is powering one of the country's biggest talent pools with a series of services ranging from investment and fund management to startup training.