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Belt, Road boost e-shopping for imported items        2017-05-08

Even in his wildest dreams, Wu Zhen never expected to run a business with annual sales of 100 mil-lion yuan ($14.5 million) when he started his cross-border online store in 2015.

A guitar's trip of innovation, globalization        2017-05-06

Zhang Bohan used to strolled over to the Haidian Book City in northwest Beijing in 2005.

Zhongguancun eyes intl influence on Belt and Road        2017-05-04

Beijing's Zhongguancun Science Park is expanding its influence along the Belt and Road.

Tencent launches AI initiative        2017-05-04

Chinese internet titan Tencent Holdings Ltd said it is gearing up its expansion in the artificial intelligence sector, seeing the red hot field as the next frontier of growth and innovation in the internet industry.

Belt & Road boosts e-commerce        2017-05-04

E-commerce powerhouses in China are extremely bullish about strengthening trade ties and invigorating economic activities in economies along the Belt and Road Initiative, industry observers said.

Didi completes over $5.5b financing round        2017-05-02

China's leading on-demand mobility platform Didi Chuxing announced Friday that it had completed a new financing round of over $5.5 billion to support its global strategy and continued investments in artificial intelligence (AI).