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Zhongguancun angel investment ranks top in China        2016-10-14

379 investment agreements, worth 2.34 billion yuan ($349.3 million) has reached in Zhongguancun in the first half year of 2016, the highest percentage for one location.

Zhongguancun grabs cutting-edge innovation high ground        2016-10-14

Many novel but useful "black technologies" such as the unmanned electronic golf vehicle are bringing changes to people's lives.

Zhongguancun promotes life in its Maker Town        2016-10-11

Zhongguancun’s Maker Town has reached strategic agreements with nearly a hundred incubation and financial institutes and will open by the end of 2016.

Zhongguancun performances step on stage in Beijing        2016-10-11

The Fifth Zhongguancun Golden Autumn Performances show opened on September 1 and will last for three months, during which more than 300 performances will take to the stage at 12 theaters at Beijing.

China manufacturing to enter digitalization age        2016-10-11

The Thirteenth China Manufacturing International Forum was held at the Meijing Convention Center in Tianjin from September 28 to 29.

Healthy Beijing lecture in Zhongguancun        2016-10-11

The first Healthy Beijing lecture, aiming to disseminate important public health knowledge, was held at Zhongguancun on September 12.