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Zhongguancun seeks solutions for civil-military integration        2017-09-18

The first ever Zhongguancun Civilian and Military Integration Challenge Competition launched at Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing on Sept 16.

Mobike, environmental groups announce World Cycling Day        2017-09-18

World Cycling Day was launched by the United Nations Environment Program, the World Resources Institute, Chinese bike-sharing company Mobike Technology Co Ltd and other international organizations to advocate cycling to improve the environment of cities.

Annual robotics event in Beijing closes        2017-09-18

The 2017 International Creatineer Competition ended in Beijing's high-tech Zhongguancun area on Saturday with 15 robotics projects of 546 entries winning different top awards.

Zhongguancun IC Park: new engine for IC design        2017-09-18

Zhongguancun Science Park will soon be home to a world-class integrated circuits (IC) design center–the Zhongguancun IC Park.

Zhongguancun pioneers innovation for the future        2017-09-18

Zhao Hong, head of the Institute of Innovation and Development of Science and Technology, released the Zhongguancun Index 2017.

IC industry summit to kick off in Beijing        2017-09-18

A press conference held in Zhongguancun IC-Park on Sept 18 announced Beijing to host the CSIA-ICCAD 2017 Annual Conference.