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Zhongguancun establishes innovation cluster        2017-06-06

Zhongguancun's Chaoyang Garden has committed to building a cluster for international research innovation focusing on the information services industry.

Lenovo to ramp up investment in artificial intelligence        2017-06-05

Chinese leading PC giant Lenovo Group Ltd will step up its efforts to develop artificial intelligence (AI) to boost its existing business as well as create new growth engine.

Companies team up to get ahead in autonomous driving race        2017-06-05

People say many hands make light work. Companies in the automobile industry are increasingly turning to that wisdom as they try to shed light on such new tech trends as autonomous driving.

Baidu partners with German auto suppliers to develop autonomous driving        2017-06-03

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) giant Baidu have partnered with German automotive suppliers Bosch and Continental AG on smart automobile research and development.

Lenovo, Wikitude team up to create AR cloud platform        2017-06-02

Chinese augmented reality pioneer Lenovo New Vision has announced a partnership with Austrian Wikitude to develop a groundbreaking new platform called the Augmented Human Cloud.