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Fengtai Science Park, rail transit hotbed        2017-06-29

Zhongguancun Fengtai Science Park is home to 133 global leading and private rail transit enterprises

Tongfang aims to nurture world-class high-tech enterprises        2017-06-29

Tongfang Co. plans to create a world-class ecosystem for nurturing high-tech start-ups, the company announced on June 25.

Robots will improve quality of life for us all: Tsinghua Holdings chief        2017-06-29

Xu Jinghong, co-chair of Summer Davos in Dalian, insists robots taking over manufacturing jobs could lead to more enriched lives for people.

AI will boost economy and create demand        2017-06-28

China will be among the biggest beneficiaries of "artificial intelligence" technology.

China can lead the world in 'artificial intelligence' R&D        2017-06-28

Zhang Yaqin, president of tech giant Baidu Inc, has called on Chinese companies to grasp the opportunities that will emerge from research and development into "artificial intelligence".

BOE at ready with intelligent manufacturing in Chongqing        2017-06-27

The Chongqing branch of BOE Technology Group in the Liangjiang New Area is projected to put its intelligent electronic systems into operation this December.