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Zhongguancun's first industrial internet research institute founded        2017-06-01

National makerspaces V-Startup and Wisemind are set to create an industrial internet research institute.

China's AI business ready to lead the world        2017-06-01

Over the past week, the Internet has yet again been buzzing about the future of artificial intelligence.

CIC to invest more in innovative industries        2017-05-31

China Investment Corporation will step up its support for innovative industries, a senior executive has told a summit in Beijing.

Artificial intelligence fuels visions of how smart future can be        2017-05-31

AlphaGo's victory has been hailed as a landmark for the development of AI.

Beijing introduces new green cleaning vehicles        2017-05-31

Two new eco-friendly cleaning vehicles attracted public attention when they started work on Zhongguancun Street on May 25.

Baidu to build data center in Chongqing        2017-05-31

IT giant Baidu Inc signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chongqing government to build its first data center in western China on May 25.