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Mobike wins lock patent dispute        2017-09-15

An auto parts technician from Shanghai who claimed that the locking system Mobike uses on its shared bicycles infringed on his patent has lost a lawsuit against the company.

Zhongguancun shines at Beijing Investment Fair        2017-09-14

The 9th Beijing Investment Fair was held in the national capital on Sept 5, attracting more than 700 companies and organizations from home and abroad to attend.

Zhongguancun Maker Town: Heartland for startups        2017-09-14

The Zhongguancun World Maker Town has become a habitat for more than 300 startups since its inception earlier this year.

Mobike jostles for a share of the market in the UK capital        2017-09-13

Mobike has become the latest company to release its dockless bikes on the streets of London.

Beijing and Taiwan women discuss entrepreneurship        2017-09-13

The 20th Female Forum of Beijing-Taiwan Science & Technology Forum was held in Beijing, on Sept 9 to discuss female entrepreneurship and innovation.

China's bike-hire industry creates 70,000 new jobs        2017-09-13

China's bike-hire companies have 16 million bikes on streets and employ about 100,000 people.