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AI industry in need of a helping hand        2017-09-13

Gao Jianqing was searching for the job of his dreams nearly 11 years ago.

China's Mobike jostles for place on London's streets        2017-09-12

Mobike has become the latest company to release its dockless bikes on the streets of London.

Top 5 smartphone vendors in China in Q2        2017-09-12

Apple has announced its launch date of iphone 8 on Sept 12, while Xiaomi plans to unveil its bezel-less Mi Mix 2 one day earlier. Smartphone vendors are going all out to attract consumers.

Xiaomi unveils new phone prior to iPhone 8        2017-09-11

Chinese tech company Xiaomi launched an updated version of its “concept smartphone” Mi Mix, the Mi Mix 2, on Monday, one day earlier than the planned release date of iPhone 8.

AI - computer vision makes our eyes smarter        2017-09-11

Imagine ordering in a blink of an eye a dress supermodel Liu Wen is wearing in a video.

Bike-sharing lock at tech forefront        2017-09-09

A bicycle with an ordinary lock is nothing more than a simple mode of transport. One that has a lock connected to the internet of things has proved to be something that can change the world.