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New energy solutions offer remedy to industrial growth limitations        2017-06-23

Beijing's energy enterprises are making more progress in clean renewable energy amid Beijing's supply-side reform in energy restructuring and environmental protection.

Five overseas startups pitch up Zhongguancun        2017-06-22

Zhongguancun Innovation Way is set to welcome five global high-tech companies after deals were signed on June 12.

China's sharing economy facing more market competition, government        2017-06-22

China's sharing economy is facing mixed prospects for growth, while the government is trying to offer more support to create an enabling environment.

Didi, Ofo, Face ++ honored as breakthrough brands        2017-06-21

Didi, Ofo, and Face ++ have been honored as China's Breakthrough Brands of 2017 by global consultancy Interband.

PC maker Tongfang set to make major healthcare investment        2017-06-21

Tsinghua Tongfang Co, a technology arm of one of China's elite universities, is planning to acquire a stake in a maker of medical therapies.

Baidu banks on strategic partnership        2017-06-21

Baidu Inc announced a strategic partnership with Agricultural Bank of China Ltd on Tuesday, to build intelligent bank that uses big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.