• Sub-parks

Yanqing Park        2013-12-04

Yanqing Park, a sub-organization of Zhongguancun Science Park, was founded in October 2010.

Miyun Park        2013-12-04

Miyun Economic Development Zone, originally built in 1992, set up three major functional areas, an A area, B area and business area.

Fangshan Park        2013-12-04

Fangshan Park is composed of Beijing Petrochemical New Materials High-tTech Industry Base, Beijing High-end Manufactureing Industry Base, Liangxiang Economic Development Area, Beijing Haiju Foundation and Higher Education Park.

Dongcheng Park        2013-12-04

As one of the ten 10 branches of national innovation demonstration districts of in Zhongguancun, the Dongcheng Park of Zhongguancun Science Park was officially put into operation in September 2006.

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