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Company Updates

Ofo clicks into gear with UN scheme        2017-05-25

Chinese bike-sharing company ofo Inc is teaming up with the United Nations Development Program to promote environmentally friendly solutions for short-distance travel.

Baidu prepares for the era of AI        2017-05-24

"From think mobile to think AI—the internet is just an appetizer, but artificial intelligent (AI) is the entrée," said Li Yanhong, founder and CEO of Baidu Inc.

Didi to offer child car seats in Premier vehicles        2017-05-22

Didi Chuxing announced Monday it would start equipping Premier vehicles with child car seats.

Big data to improve traffic safety, intelligent driving: DiDi        2017-03-31

Big data can help improve traffic safety and facilitate intelligent driving R&D and application, according to a senior manager with leading Chinese on-demand mobility platform DiDi Chuxing.

Helping enterprises learn their enemies -- ThreatBook        2016-08-23

The ThreatBook Technology is a newly startup aims to use SaaS security data to help companies defense,analyze and trace the Internet attacks.

Cloud lands on the ground -- Qingyuan Technology        2016-08-23

Qingyuan Technology aims to bring international container technology to China and expand its acceptability to help Chinese companies efficiently use Internet services.